4″ The Tain Bull

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In celtic mythology the bull symbolised strength, wealth, sovereignty and potency. In the old irish legend ‘ The Tain Bó Cualigne -The Brown Bull of Cooley”. A great war was fought over the ownership of a strong brown bull. Many … Read More

4″ Three Rabbits

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As Celtic Animal Symbols, the rabbit was thought to have special protective powers needed for residing underground. Thus bringing protection from evil gods believed to live beneath the earth. They were considered lucky. Thus keeping a part of the rabbit … Read More

4″ Celtic Horse

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Horses were especially sacred to the Celts and deemed to have supernatural abilities. The horse was admired for beauty, strength, speed and sexual vigour. They were seen as good luck and were harbingers of good fortune. The white horse, was … Read More

4″ The Cat

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    I always had a cat in the home growing up. To me a house is not a home until it as a furry little beast curled up by the fire . They are beautiful ,independent and powerful. We … Read More